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--> Review Publish : 29 July, 2017

--> Last Update : 12 August, 2017

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All activities of Crypto Center Limited are aimed at ensuring general prosperity of all participants of the investment process — both company's investors and the company on the whole. Choose Crypto Center Limited for reliable and profitable investment opportunities.



Withdrawl Proof 12 August, 2017

Basic Info

Project Running: 92 days (+)
Minimum Deposit: $10 only
Minimum Withdrawl: $0.10 only
4%-2%-1% affiliate commission
Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash

Investment Plan

Overall Review

Let’s look at the latest statistics about the performance of Crypto Center. From the information on the homepage, we can learn that the program has been already online for 93 days and there are already 349 created accounts. I believe it’s the same as with other things/ businesses - it’s possible if you are good at it.

I have checked forum discussions but didn’t find anything unusual about this HYIP. However, for a 93 days old HYIP it’s a bit strange. But probably the admin decided to begin the marketing activities after almost three months to give the necessary boost to attract a larger audience. Not sure, what is the plan, but I prefer to see marketing activities right away after the launch, not 90 days later.

What exactly is Crypto Center and what’s their legend? Crypto Center Limited is a duly registered company based in the United Kingdom. The company combines several successful profitable business directions, from the trading in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets to investments in promising Fintech start-ups. At least, that’s written on their biography page. On the same page, you can find the information about the CEO of Crypto Center – Gabriel. Unfortunately, there is no link to the Linkedin profile, which I believe experienced trader would have. In the meanwhile, the company has been registered in the UK. An interesting fact is that the admin of Crypto Center has edited the certificate and there is no information about the incorporation date, which is 19th of April 2017.

Crypto Center offers 6 different investment plans. Three of them are investment plans for certain time with daily % rate, but three of them - % rate after a certain amount of time (days). Usually in the first type of investment plans, the deposit is returned at the end, but second – included in payments. I believe it should be the same way this time. Otherwise, the first plan wouldn’t make sense. If I’m not mistaken, $200 invested in the first plan 2.1% daily for 20 days would make a profit of $284. The calculator on the page says, “Your profit” and the above-given amount. However, 284 minus deposit – 200 is 84. I believe it’s not a bad profit for 20 days. Of course, in case the HYIP will not stop working after a few days. It’s a surprise that a program with such plans has survived 90 days because it would be a candy for some pro players. For example, the second plan with 2.4% for 45 days. Please drop a message if you have any prior experience with this program in the past.

What have got here? Crypto Center looks fine, but I’m very suspicious about the longevity of this program. Why? There are several reasons. First, admin claims that it is already 93 days old, but most of the things on the website show status – soon or coming soon. If it has been such success, why can’t you afford a video presentation, chat representative and a client service operator to accept the phone calls? Second, on the “Why Choose Us” section there is fact that domain has been registered for the time over 5 years. In my opinion, it’s just a random fact to gain extra credibility. In fact, it doesn’t mean anything, because the HYIP has been online for 90 days and the admin could have just purchased it from someone. Third, none of the social media buttons leads to a real social media profile. From this, I assume that the program most likely has short-term goals and admin decided not to bother doing even such simple things. As usual, this review is written to save your time gathering information available on the internet, not to force making any actions.

Address & Contact INFO

Address: Lion Mills, Hackney Road, London, E2 7ST




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