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--> Review Publish : 5 August, 2017

--> Last Update : 5 August, 2017

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ChestWallet Limited is an investment company specializing in cryptocurrency markets of mining, trading & arbitrage. It is a registered company in United Kingdom and its company number is 10828568. ChestWallet Limited is located in the world’s financial capital - London & legally registered at Companies house. Under the leadership of Mr. Robert Clarke, ChestWallet Limited has become an economically sound & research oriented company in the digital arena.



Withdrawl Proof 5 August, 2017

Basic Info

Project successfully passed 39 days & Still running
5% Principal Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit: 0.005 BTC
Minimum Withdrawl: 0.0005 BTC
5% affiliate commission
Payment processors: Bitcoin

Investment Plan

Overall Review

Main thing is stable and constant income, even if you do not have any experience in bitcoin trading. They know this market and just bring you profit, minimizing all the possible risks. You should understand that the crypto-currency trading is a rapid-growing direction, which allows you to earn in a short period of time such amounts of money, which are several times higher than your initial investments.

Any of your investments will increase your capital on an ongoing basis. At the rate of 2.64% to 4.08% every day, depending only on your choice. They pay from 0.11% and up to 0.17% per hour. They always guarantee this rate of income. For a day it turns out to be from 2.64% and up to 4.08%.

Chestwallet returns investors’ deposits whenever they ask for it. Investors are eligible to apply for a refund anytime after 72 hours from the time of depositing. However, a 5% fee will be charged for terminating your active account.

The minimum deposit amount is 0.005 BTC. The maximum amount is 500 BTC. You can withdraw your benefits whenever it is up to 0.0005 bitcoins. This is quite easy to reach especially because Chestwallet has some lucrative investment plans. Withdrawals are processed fast. The money is not paid directly to your bitcoin wallets so as to make compounding easy for whosoever needs it.

Referrals have 5% anytime their friends deposit through their links. You can promote your link anywhere, including your Facebook account. You can as well make it your signature on forums that allow such.

Chestwallet allows compounding of interest even though some investment sites do not give room for this. Chestwallet allows compounding from 1 to 100%. 100% compounding means all your profits are reinvested back into the system, while 50% compounding means that half is reinvested while half can be withdrawn. Investors can choose the kind of compounding they want.

The support team is fast and dedicated to serve you. The members of the staff always want to hear from you each day even if it means asking the same question you asked the previous day. They are just not tired of satisfying their clients. Clients can reach them by filling the online support ticket on the “client support” page. You can also hear from them through Facebook and Telegram chat.

Address & Contact INFO

Address: Thornton House Thornton Road, Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom, SW19 4NG



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